China Professional Aluminum Collar Size 24/410 for Shampoo Packaging shaft collar buy online

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Lotion pump FP302






24/410 28/410 24/415  28/415  28/400

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Non spill 




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1.Your company is a transactional company or an industrial manufacture factory?

We are an industrial manufacture factory which located in HangZhou city.

2.Can we do print on the bottle?
Yes, you can. We could offer various printing ways. 

3.Can we get your free samples?

Yes,you can.Samples are free but the freight for express is on buyer’s account.

4.Can we combine many items assorted in one container in my first order?
Yes, you can. But the quantity of each ordered item should reach our MOQ.

5.What about the normal lead time?

It’s around 25-30 days after receiving the deposit.

6.What types of payment terms do you accept?

Normally , the payment terms we accept are T/T (30% deposit , 70% against B/L copy) and irrevocable L/C at sight.

7.How do you control the quality?

We will make samples before mass production, and after sample approved, we will begin mass production. Doing 100% inspection during production; then do random inspection before packing; taking pictures after packing.

8.What is your shipping way?

We will help you to choose the best shipping way according to your detail requirements. By sea, by air, or by express, etc.

9.If any quality problem, how can you settle it for us?

If any breakage or defect products were found, you must take the pictures from the original carton. All the claims must be presented within 7 working days after discharging the container. This date is subject to the arrival time of container. We will advise you to certify the claim by third party, or we can accept the claim from the samples or pictures you present, finally we will completely compensate all your loss.

10.How to receive a price quotaion in the shortest time?

When you send us an enquiry, please kindly make sure all the details, such as model no, product size,and tube lenth, color, order quantity.We will send you quota with complete details soon.


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Type: Pump Sprayer
Material: Plastic
Closure Size: 24/410 28/410
Clip: Yes
Packing: 1000PCS/CTN
Delivery Time: 25days
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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shaft clamp

What are the steps for replacing existing collars with aluminum collars in industrial settings?

Replacing existing collars with aluminum collars in industrial settings can be a beneficial upgrade. Here are the steps to follow for a successful replacement:

  1. 1. Safety Precautions: Before beginning any work, prioritize safety. Ensure the machinery is powered off, and proper lockout/tagout procedures are followed to prevent accidental startup. Wear appropriate safety gear.
  2. 2. Assessment: Evaluate the condition of the existing collars and the reasons for replacement. Identify any wear and damage that necessitates the change.
  3. 3. Identify Collar Type: Determine the specific type of aluminum collars that will replace the existing ones. Consider factors like shaft size, collar type (e.g., set screw, clamping, or split collar), and material requirements.
  4. 4. Gather Tools: Collect the necessary tools and equipment for the replacement process, including wrenches, screwdrivers, and any specialized tools required for the chosen collar type.
  5. 5. Remove Existing Collars: Carefully disassemble and remove the existing collars from the shafts. Loosen any set screws and detach the collars while ensuring minimal disturbance to the machinery’s alignment.
  6. 6. Clean and Inspect: Clean the shaft and the surrounding area to remove any debris, rust, or residue. Inspect the shaft for any damage that may affect the performance of the new collars.
  7. 7. Lubrication: Apply a suitable lubricant to the shaft to reduce friction and aid in the installation of the new aluminum collars. Ensure that the lubricant is compatible with aluminum and the application’s environment.
  8. 8. Install Aluminum Collars: Slide the new aluminum collars onto the shaft at the desired positions. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, whether it involves set screws, clamping mechanisms, or split collar assembly. Tighten the collars securely to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specifications.
  9. 9. Alignment: Check the alignment of the new collars and ensure they are correctly positioned. Misalignment can lead to operational issues and wear. Make adjustments if necessary.
  10. 10. Quality Control: Perform quality checks to ensure that the aluminum collars are securely in place and that the machinery operates smoothly. Test the machinery to verify its performance.
  11. 11. Record Keeping: Maintain records of the replacement process, including the date of replacement, collar specifications, and any adjustments made. This documentation can be valuable for future maintenance and troubleshooting.
  12. 12. Maintenance Plan: Implement a maintenance plan for the new aluminum collars, including regular inspections and lubrication. This will help extend their service life and ensure optimal performance.

Replacing existing collars with aluminum collars can improve the efficiency and reliability of industrial machinery. Proper installation and maintenance are key to the success of this upgrade.

shaft clamp

Can you provide recommendations for cost-effective aluminum collars catering to different budget constraints?

Selecting cost-effective aluminum collars is essential, and the choice should align with your specific budget constraints. Here are recommendations for cost-effective options catering to different budget levels:

  • 1. Standard Aluminum Collars: Standard aluminum collars are the most budget-friendly option. They come in a range of sizes and styles and are suitable for various applications, especially when cost savings are a priority.
  • 2. Single Split Collars: Single split collars are economical and easy to install. They provide a secure grip without adding extra cost. These collars are ideal for applications where budget constraints are a concern.
  • 3. Bulk Purchase: Consider purchasing aluminum collars in bulk. Many suppliers offer discounts for larger quantities, which can significantly reduce the per-unit cost. Buying in bulk is a cost-effective strategy for long-term or high-quantity projects.
  • 4. Shop Local: Check with local industrial suppliers and manufacturers. They may offer competitive pricing, and you can potentially save on shipping costs. Local suppliers may also have special deals or discounts for businesses in the area.
  • 5. Online Price Comparison: Use online industrial supply platforms to compare prices from different suppliers. This allows you to find the most cost-effective option for your specific requirements while taking advantage of competitive pricing.
  • 6. Consider Material Thickness: Evaluate the material thickness of the collar. Thicker collars provide added strength but can be more expensive. If your application doesn’t require the extra thickness, opt for thinner collars to save on material costs.
  • 7. Evaluate Collar Type: Choose the collar type that suits your application without unnecessary features. For example, if you don’t need a high clamping force, opt for set screw collars over more complex clamping collars to save on costs.
  • 8. Customization: If you have specific design requirements, consider custom aluminum collars. While there may be an initial design cost, custom collars can be tailored to your exact specifications, potentially reducing material waste and costs in the long run.
  • 9. Maintenance and Durability: Consider the long-term cost-effectiveness. Investing in slightly higher-quality collars that require less maintenance and replacement over time can be more cost-effective than constantly replacing lower-quality collars.

Ultimately, the choice of cost-effective aluminum collars depends on your budget constraints and the specific needs of your application. By considering these recommendations and exploring different purchasing options, you can find the most budget-friendly solution that aligns with your project requirements.

shaft clamp

Can you recommend aluminum collars suitable for applications with weight constraints?

Certainly! Aluminum collars are an excellent choice for applications with weight constraints due to their lightweight properties. When selecting aluminum collars for such applications, consider the following recommendations:

  • 1. Standard Aluminum Collars: Standard aluminum collars are available in various sizes and styles. These collars are lightweight and suitable for a wide range of applications, especially when weight reduction is a priority.
  • 2. Set Screw Collars: Set screw collars, which use a threaded screw to secure the collar to the shaft, are a common choice for lightweight applications. They provide a secure grip without adding significant weight.
  • 3. Single Split Collars: Single split collars are designed with a single slit along the circumference of the collar, making them lightweight and easy to install. They are suitable for applications where weight is a concern.
  • 4. Precision Machined Collars: Precision machined aluminum collars are designed for high-precision applications. They are lightweight and provide a secure fit for critical components while minimizing added weight.
  • 5. Custom Collars: In cases where standard collars do not meet the specific requirements of your application, consider custom aluminum collars. These can be designed and machined to your exact specifications, ensuring they meet weight constraints while fulfilling your needs.
  • 6. Corrosion Resistance: Even in weight-constrained applications, it’s essential to consider environmental factors. If the application involves exposure to moisture or corrosive elements, choose aluminum collars with appropriate corrosion resistance to ensure durability.
  • 7. Material Thickness: Evaluate the thickness of the collar material. Thicker collars provide additional strength and stability, but they may also add more weight. Balance the need for strength with the weight constraints of your application.
  • 8. Weight Reduction Design: Collaborate with collar suppliers who can provide lightweight design solutions. They may offer special lightweight designs that minimize material usage while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Consult with Experts: If you’re uncertain about the most suitable aluminum collars for your weight-constrained application, consult with mechanical engineers or collar manufacturers. They can provide expert guidance based on your specific requirements.

When choosing aluminum collars for applications with weight constraints, it’s essential to strike a balance between weight reduction and meeting the mechanical and functional requirements of the application. By considering these recommendations and consulting with experts, you can select the right aluminum collars that meet your needs while adhering to weight limitations.

China Professional Aluminum Collar Size 24/410 for Shampoo Packaging   shaft collar buy onlineChina Professional Aluminum Collar Size 24/410 for Shampoo Packaging   shaft collar buy online
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